Stairmasters out now, Demo Derby Tomorrow night…

Stairmaster frames are in from ethe paint shop, they look hot of course, available in 20.5, 20.75, and 21 inch toptubes, with a 74.5 dgree Headtube, 71 degree seattube, 11.5″ BB height, a 13 5/8″ slammed rearend, Integrated headset, and a mid BB, these puppy’s are gonna move quick. The Kink Demo Derby is going on Tomorrow, Derek Girard just got the Word From Flo, at Flo’s Clamshack, that he, and Deuce get a one year Free Buffet Pass if he wins. Deuce, Jimmy Mac, and DMC are all in Dereks Pit Crew. Should be an easy win. RIDE BMX and Albes Both have pics from the weekend posted on thier sites, as well as updates throughout the week. Keith Mulligan was at Bakers Acres amidst editorial assignments, to do soem trails shredding, and that was cool> Ryan Sher was present as well, watching Captain Fun Dial in the hill. Good Times. For more Info on the new FBM Products, have you local shop get in touch with John or Jeff at Last Call .Word!

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