South By South Worst part duex

Andy Forgash Wins South by South West, with quotes like- “Springsteen is the best thing to come out of canda, and that dude is from Jersey” and “I am just here to kiss ass and drop names..” He also looks cool, here he is eating a hamberger at 2am. Yesterday rained most of the day, so not much riding, Aaron threw his back out doing gate starts, and Tony found a ferret, and has been playing with it. We saw some good bands though, andGilly won an Ipod dock and wireless headphones at a raffle. Somehow I won 3 Elvis Dolls from whatever movies he was in. I traded them for 5 pages of vegan recipe with Billie Latzer. John Paul has been on planet mars, or somewhere, with a flat brimmed hat… Empire was a safe haven yesterday from the zoo downtown, hanson Little And fabian, were working thier butts off, well hanson was, and Tina Showed me a real life Nirvana Album cover, and freaked me right out… Today is the show at t1. Should be awesome. Cowabunga, Lets Party!

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