Some more news…

Well today is actually Halloween, but the weekend proved to be just as good a time as any to get dressed up and party down. Chunk was actually dressed up as a Mcdonalds Chocolate Milk Shake. Outrageous. Gilly was starring as Fisher, and Fisher was a coked up Will Smith, sorting a giant 8ball also known as kelly Baker, who might be the funniest man in BMX. I have no idea what Derek and Dave King were doing, although my 24 carat gold was in full effect, giving Aaron Ross something to consider. We’ll see if anything happens tonight, aside from the subtle genius of the Edog, who was disguised as the “Suede Denim Secret Police”. I rode my bike to work today and got chased by a gnarly pitbull, who actually tried biting my leg off. It scared the shit out of me. We dont know what Jim Bagg is dressed as, but expect some pictures posted tomorrow. Tony Cardona won Practice at the Baco Comp, and Shanton brought a crackhead he and team Pimpske found, to the comp. Dane also got wild, expect an update when they return, with pics….

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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