Sink or Swim with Steve Crandall

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What are some of the trips, moments and bikes/parts you look back on over those 25 that often stand out to you as monumental?

I’ve been thinking about pivotal moments lately, one of the trips that stands out it Road Fools 2, we (Mike Tag and I0 had 2 of the first 3 sample FBM Frames, we were young and had a lot of excitement about the future, seeing what we could accomplish. By the time that video came out, Tag had kinda broke into the scene as a serious rider, and we were all just real stoked, seemed like anything was possible.
From then we went on to build up the FBM name, started our own machine shop with the help of some real talented people, ended up releasing some really awesome bikes and parts. I think we were among the first to release a frame with integrated head tube, the Mid Bottom Bracket, production hubguards, a stem that opens bottles. In 2006 we released the Autopilot with MikeTag, which was one of the first production frames with a steep head tube, super short back end that wasn’t a low slung scooter – overall i’d say primarily production process and quality control that reflected riders needs, and high quality functionality has been a benchmark.
As far as events I’d go so far as to say we’ve done more than any other bike company, and rad ones as well, from hosting a trade show Called Subdivision, To countless Jams, Skatepark contests, the now legendary Ghetto Comps and most recently the DIY series, we’ve done a lot to promote not just FBM, but BMX as whole. All in all, we’ve done most of this, events, trips, and so forth as an Independent Bike Manufacturing business, without a bank roll of cash or weird sponsors, just the dedication of like minded people who like cool shit.

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