Shred Fast

Rob Dolecki!

This weekend was the un-annual early December research and development Steadfast dirt jump in the woods session, where grown men tested out berm geometry, roast capacity and the quality of a high five after riding a Quality Handbuilt FBM over some dubs!
One of the riders, known simply as Iron Man, lectured on the merits of American Manufacturing, you can learn more on this link. He is starting a machine shop, and you can buy some cool stuff to help fund it.
Also in attendance at the Symposium for awesomeness were Van Homan and Rob Dolecki, who scored riders on style, creativity and ability to laugh.

Ginch Bros. May or may have not been lurking in the woods!

Good Times Roll….

This is Ironman, he makes cool shit outta metal!

Iron man

name drop. Van Hoffmeyer!

Kitt West- Steadfast

Matt Conner, Rocket Propelled GetRad

Mike Rowe Brewery

Kitt West.