Shit the bed…

Unless you are in a different dimension, then i would guess you noticed we have a new site. E-dog cranked it out, and some of it is still being updated, so keep posted to check out a work in progress. Jermey Pavia shot the gap pic of Tony Hamlin while we were filming for the latest FBM video, “half and half”, Tony is a wild one. His Dad’s favorite band is Overkill. Team Pimpske is having a party and showing the new video, so peep that. The crew over at Deliverance are throwing a comp in Michigan, with the help from the apes at Team Young. Dane Wild rides for Team young and does barspin fakies with his eyes shut. huh? Did you know that cats spend 25% of thier day in reality, and the other 75% in an imaginary existance? So does Derrick Girard. In other news, Dave and Gilly are chillin with Fuzzy in Philly building dirt jumps, Phil is in Denver at the Extreme Mountain Dew Bike thing with ramps. Tony Cardona is co sponsored by Empire now, Mike Tag can do backwards 30 stair curved ledges, and Shanton Wilson is drinking Saki somewhere in Ohio. Dialed! More news in a minute….

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shit the bed

Dave King sent us an email about the Catty Trails. Catty is what was built after Nam was plowed, and now is in trouble as well. Checkout a website by Janice, who rides there, and click the petition link to help keep the trails rideable. Dunny also emailed, to fill us in on some news, Steve Kaczur is riding again, a woodbridge local ape, and the Big Job has been down at Dunny’s place as well. Dunny also mentioned that he and Sal are taking a “round the world” trip together in 2008. Yesterday was the longest day of the year, and the start of summer. Corts, Big Dave and myself rode trails, and had fun. Keeping with my streak of wonderful occurances, I front wheel cased a set of doubles, and went over the bars, straight to flat on my head, neck, and shoulder. I yelled OW! really loud. It sucks. I get a bunch of emails about the “sponsor me” contest, the forn is downloadable on the page of rules, and basically there are no rules, men, women,apes, whoever, from wherever, send us your most interesting footy, riding or not, and you could win. If the winner is picked to be in the next FBM video, a new part can be filmed as well. In other news, Cameron Wood rules, he kills Utah, and smiles. Holla atcha Boyeee….

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