Seems like a no brainer.


At FBM, we take Pride in the fact that choices we make reflect who we are as a brand within something as weird and amazing as the world of BMX.
Sometimes our choices don’t yield the most profitable results, or resonate with popular opinion, and sometimes they aren’t even always the most sound choices, but they are ours.
One person who personifies, a point I often fail to illustrate, is Eric Hennessey. His approach to life in general is adventurous, positive, healthy, laced with happiness and fun, with an unapologetic shit eating grin and laugh while living free, and doing what he enjoys. It doesn’t matter what it is, he is stoked.
Often throwing caution to the wind, for better, or for worse, all for the adventure, Eric is always down, and I admire him for that. Living in minimalist fashion, in a mobile dwelling device, with bikes, music, skateboards, and all he needs at his disposal, his decisions afford him a freedom few realize.
At FBM, our Team is a genuine reflection our fundamentals, each dude bringing his own flavor, and in a no nonsense fashion. Whether we are driving around in a school bus on a road trip to a jam, building bikes by hand in Upstate Ny, painting a giant Slice of pizza, Or just having a cup of coffee, we do it because we think BMX is rad, and we are thankful to have enjoyed being a part of it for as long as we have.
At FBM we are grateful for all the support we receive from Riders, Dealers, distributors, crazy people everywhere, especially in changing times, where riders have so many options, and influences.
Personally I’d like to thank the FBM crew for always bringing so much grounded inspiration, and helping us share our own screwed up version of BMX with so many people.
Keep Kicking ass Henny, and if you riders out there are reading this, look for the FBM crew on the road this year, or come out to one of the jams we will be throwing very soon!

Check out Eric’s website for an awesome timeline of adventures, and good times! Some of his stories, and trips are as epic as any I’ve read about…