Sandwiches Make for Good Times

This was the view from our hotel room in Vegas. The first night when we got back to the room there was a luau happening by the pool. It was cool until they had everyone stand and sing God Bless America to end the show. Sarah Palin sucks.

We got our crate back from Vegas in one piece today, and it’s chock full of some of the new stuff we have been working on. Pics from Interbike have been floating around, these probably aren’t much better, but at least we can give you a brief run down on the products.

Myself and Dave were laying around Friday after the show waiting for the crate to show up, and one of the workers who was tearing down the booths was hawking one of our sandwiches. Every time she walked by and spotted the turkey and cranberry sub, she’d lick her lips and rub her belly. I was the only one that noticed it the first ten times she did it, it was killing me. Finally she mustered up the nerve to ask for it, and offered up in exchange for the sub she’d have her husband who was driving a forklift put a rush on our crate. Sure as shit, within an hour or two we got our crate with a rush delivery sticker on the side. Not that exciting, but I got nothing else.

New Crown Royal: 52mm reach, 9.2oz, Made in Taiwan. Believe it or not, this is Driveside hubguard: 7075, no washer, weight, don't know, don't care, Made in Taiwan. We modded the one on the right and took off the anti-spin axle slot thinger. These are a ways off (6 months?), we'll keep you posted on the testing process. Belmar Bars: Multi-butted, 27 Big Apes: Multi-butted, 28.5 Synthetic Suede Slim Pivotal, tasty gingerbread snack from our Russian distributor Toybike. New slimmed down Hose Clamp with no artwork, little oversight.

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