Rochester Shredfest!

Weekend Madness ensued in Rochester NY, this weekend. Derrick Girard showed up in Brian Yeagles Oldsmobile, and we loaded up and went to Ride with Tony Hamlin, shittwins, Kyle opitz, Sheryl Crow, Birdbath, Fred Sabbath, and danny Desk. Along the way we stopped at every yardsale, and bought saws, clipboards, and a spuds mackenzie beer mug that reads”the original party animal”. Stoked. We got to the “Genny Cream Trails” and Opitz was drinking Genny Light. Derrick was so stunned, he shit his pants, and started throwing axes into trees, and even one at Tony’s new bike. Wow. the Derrick show. Any rate, the trails were really fun, the kids all rode real good, and seemed like they were all just down for a good time, riding, cracking bad jokes, BBQing. It’s cool to see some bmx kids just having fun. Tony Hamlin, and Tom Dillon absolutely shredded the dirt ramps, and Kelly Baker dialed in sections with kids half his age. He was stoked. The Derrick show continued, with him losing 300 dollars, and putting his bike in a campfire. More derrick updates throughout the week. THe first Pic of Tony, he is going backwards… Not bad for a kid who is scheduled for shoulder surgery. Thanks to Nick Spath for a few of the pics…

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