Rob Tibbs Wins Dew Tour

Rob Tibbs, Can can air on a ramp made of wood.

It doesn’t matter what you ride, when you ride, how often or how good, It only matters that you enjoy it, and that you and your buddies are stoked!
The true essence of riding exists somewhere between the jitters before you try something that makes you nervous, and the hi five your friend gives you after you try it, regardless of the outcome. Yesterday I saw two old friends rejoice after a simple post injury/surgery peg grind. There was no web edit, pro purse, sponsorship deal, just a friendly nod of approval, the slap of some hands, a few smiles, and couple of cold cans of Busch beer.
The Spirit of BMX had made it another day, and made yet another persons life better for at least that moment!
Let’s Get Awesome!

Kenny Horton. Less is more. Stay poor stay pure!
This is Kenny Horton, friend of the graveyard!
Rob Tibbs, simple, radical, several facebook likes!

College Professer, DR. Brad "puck" Byrne!

Get stoked, be friendly, have a nice day!

Lamplighter corkscrew with an uphill peg bundy to bearskin!