Road trip update

Traveling this week is super fun so far, It seems like everyone is having a blast, and all the youg bucks are riding amazing. The old guys ain’t too bad either. Du Rags and rude awaknings have been in full stock. If you aren’t sure what a rude awakaning is, its something along the lines of waking up to an air horn, or being lit on fire, or what have you. Its hilarious if you are not on the receiving end. Its not as funny when you are. Tennesee is awesome, the city of Nashville gave us free dinner and drinks last night, A crackhead gave us breakfast at Waffle House, and then pulled a knife out on Captain Fun, and threatened to sleep with every person on the rig. No thanks. The crew at FBM are cranking out bikes and the like, if you are bored give Jeff or John Lee a call at Last Call and see whats going on. Word up.

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road trip update

We are on the road, filmin this week… We stopped at the chenga jam, MIke Corts won. I think. He rules. Ended up going to Catattafishes house, and the riding at the Failure Compound with some of the Louisville guys, and Bischoff’s crew. Thanks to Matt for that, it was awesome, and the two Tony’s killed it. Went the crazy uncle Lelands, where Tag showed the Shitluck vid to the Louisville kids for the first time, and that was fun also. Ozfest, Metro, billy the kid and chros wilson were all present, as were many others. The cost of fuel is so awesome nowadays, compared to when I forst started road tripping. Call John Lee at Last Call, and order some new stems, sprockets, and frames, so he can wire us some money to fill up the tank, that shit aint cheap…more news after something sweet happens!

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