Riding Bikes is still fun!

Kelly Baker shown here, is entering the 40 and over vert calss at the Montgomery Alabama Nationals this month at the Garret Coliseum. To Get some practice we went to Elmira rode a 10 foot tall ramp, and Hung out with Don, and the Locals at Cj’s Skatepark. Jeff Collins was in the house, and everyones favorite accountant, Cruz, was blasting the AFA quarterpipe like he had spent the entire afternoon at Beer Bellys with Dipset. Chris hancock managed to get out of bed before the park closed for the evening, Chunk had 60-40 odds on whether or not he would make it. he even Avoided a Chupa Cabra on the highway while heading to the park. Good Job Chris. In other news, everyone is crazy, i am convinced. I feel like Mr. Hand in Fast times at ridgemont High.

Originally Posted by Steve crandall