Ride like the wind!


The weather was good in NYC, so a springtime street session was in Order. After lunch at FBM on Friday, I drove down to Brooklyn to meet up with Wormz, and Mr.b. Right off the bat, we start pedaling around brooklyn, to head over by williamsburg, (we parked in Bed-stuy), and some kids on the Basketball court start yelling at us- “hey yo!… Ride!, ride like the wind!”. It was magical. We rode around, and ending up meeting up with Dave Hall, Shady Grady, Brian Tunney and riding at Paul revere park. We got some sweet NYC Pizza and ran into Darryl Nau, AKA Darryl Dane, and had fun into the Night,at one point in the evening, Wormz and I ended up hanging out with Columbians and playing Pool against a guy with no nose. How did he smell? AWFUL!
Riding around NYC, we did the obligatory Banks session, and met up with Spammy Spam, Adam G. and a ton of other locals,Jimmy Bun was in town from Rochester for an Iron Maiden concert too, and we tried riding the owls head park but it was not open yet, we did however get clipped by a Produce truck on the williamsbug bridge in Wormz’ Ram van, and got to witness his perfected NYC road rage- “yo I drive a truck for work yo!” We even ran into to Osso from Animal, and Bob Skurbo. Long story short, we rode a ton, and had a blast.
The previous post has more pics from the weekend, and a ton of riders have been sending in pics for the OG section, thanks ya’ll.

Ken, across the street from Brooklyn Machine works, and 1 block from Gimme on Lorimer! Dude, you just went through that wall. Mr. B gettin some. Wormz, eyeballin up a 2 pegger Wormz, with a sweet barrier boost Wormz and his new rides, an 01 Dodge ram van and an FBM howler

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