Re-up on the Guilliams party!

garrett get rad, Louisville.

Fast, Smooth, stylish, and radical, the ginch bros, make sure you check this lil web edit, before its lost in internet obscurity. The Brothers also have a few a few clips in the new Anthem video which came out yesterday, I got to see one of the special edition Box sets, that John Lee got ahold of, and it is extra kick ass. cool posters, a great write up, tons of videos, cool packaging, the works. Great Riding, Great filming, Awesome Tunes, Solid dudes, slick editing, Stew Johnson gets 2 thumbs up from both Kip Williamson AND Dave Johnson, of Juvenile trickery fame.
Boo yes!

Johnny Corts and Joel Barnett Sweet baby bryan tarbell GG at RR ( Garrett Guilliams at Ramp Riders)

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