Return to Normalcy.

Joel Barnett in Syracuse as seen by kory kryder

“A return to normalcy” was U.S. Presidential candidate Warren Hardings campaign promise in the election of 1920, and after Interbike, it’s back to bike building, blogging, customer service and annihilating the industry with friendliness!
Vegas is a strange affair, depending on your outlook, it’s either a weird place to see all the great people that make up a large portion of what BMX is, and many of the legends who helped build it’s legacy, or it’s a great place to stand around on shotty knees, in shoes that make your feet hurt, and get overwhelmed by its absurdity. I was stoked to see all my good buddies, and talk to people who are stoked on FBM, thanks again everyone!
JP, and Chris Stevenson both shot some photos in the booth, including one of BMX superstar Jamie Bestwick, selling a complete to a young, star dazzled passer by, who asked him what his favorite bike was, Jamie showed him an FBM complete, and the kids Dad actually bought it for him during the show. Wow.
Check back this week for more show pics, and possibly Kenny Horton doing a killer flatty….
Here’s the Link farm and Videos again as well.-



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Seric Hennesee at a CT BMX Jam in outerspace. ( connecticut) This is Interbike! The Saint of Sin City!!!! New FBM Pivotals Grips, bars, stems, the works. Top Load of awesomeness S&M's Mad Dog at Robbie Morales' Fit Video Premiere in an FBM Hat.

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