Rays MTB park…

Cranman and BF race through the course...Cody York pic.

Mchue had dealer days at Rays, and a ton of shops came out to eat pizza and drinking PBR. BF and Berringer were in the house, as was Bo Laxton who took the Dirty Dog from springfield Missouri with his 15 year old riding buddy jack. Almost the entire PUSH crew was present, including a kid named RAshee, and old man Chad Cevar that used to ride 20 years ago and are back into it. Basically it was a good time, and BMX Veteran Dugan Neil knew who I was , stunning. We rode till our hands cramped up, and we got blisters on our fingers, everyone was happy.Peep Expn.com for more..
Here are some Pics.

Bf Scrubbin speed again. STOKED on this dude. Groundchuck. Stieg, with the Flying Squirrel, and Chuck in pursuit. BF and Joel Barnett... Stoked. Groundcharles, at rays or is this an Xmas card... Stieg and chuck the Host, Mc Q...

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