Ratt Loves FBM…

We have a new catalog zine thing with FBM products, stories, and pics, if you want a copy and a few stickers, send in like 3 bucks, and we’ll send you one. The Corts brothers are in the catalog, and stoked on going to see Steve Pearcy this past weekend. Jordan Stewart got a drumstick. They are playing again up in Rochester, and the guys at Mac 5 bikes, are having an 80’s metal karaoke pre-party sponsored by the Rathbun’s and the band Overkill. Corts Brothers will be in the house. Chris Makowski and Greg Francis will be giving out spandex trophies to the winners. Leif Valin could care less about Ratt, and Glam metal from the 80’s, so he sent these pics of his newest Equilibrium frame, and some Riding out in Colorado. The photos are taken by Rich Taylor(he`s like 9ft. tall). Now PLaying-Suicidal Tendencies- “Trip to the brain”

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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