Random Randumbs!

Derrick, priors to flpping the Side car!

I Talked to Derrick on the phone, he said this… this is pretty much verbatim-
“me and randy flipped the sidecar in a snowstorm the other day… … it was fucking awesome, I slingshotted right out of the thing. The side car has been officially barrel rolled.” this is a pic from that trip we took down south….
Jessie Jay from The Last People posted some ‘art’ I did. I blogged some of my more serious work below. I am very serious about this stuff. A few pics of Mr. B, Wormz, and dave King in Full Seriousness from a neon party this past weekend.
We love Ruel Smith.

Big Dave, and Curtis, sent over by Sweet Baby. Mr. b. is a gym teacher in Brooklyn. Dave King aint shit? Wormz!

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