PW Moto

Phil Wasson in Balston Spa- pic Dolecki

One of the cool things about being involved in BMX, is when you have a decent collection of good memories, and old friends. Phil Wasson is one of the more interesting, intelligent, and talented friends I have met through my time riding BMX bikes, and doing FBM. Guys like Phil, make a positive impact, and have made BMX awesomer for many…
Phil rode “pro” for FBM, had one of the best Pro Model frames we ever did, and helped FBM as it was developing in the early 2000’s. His influence as a rider and a designer made a big impression, and his calm demeanor was in stark contrast to his riding.
A bad shoulder injury, some marginally effective surgery, a marriage and a couple business’ later, you might see less of Phil in the lime light, but he still rocks it hard in KC, at his Wife Courtney’s Coffee shop, or at Super Rat Machine Works, Phil’s MAchine Shop… Maybe just cruising the streets or at the local park. If you see him, hive him a “heck ya” from me.

PW at Bakers Acres- Dolecki pic PW in Bigglestown- dolecki pic PW at Bakers Acres- Dolecki pic PW's B-day at Section 8 many years ago- hallman pic.

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