Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

The majority of the entries have had really gruesome and/ or psychotic themes. What do people think we do around here?

FBM HQ, Johnson City, NY, just the normal hackin’ and wackin’ of metal going on this week. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s sunny, it’s snowy, it’s rainy…make up your mind. Please o’ please let spring be just around the corner.

We’ve extended the Art Ain’t Ill-Eagle contest. Why, you ask? Dude, we are getting too much righteousness to stop it now. My office walls are going to be oozing sweetness. You can check out the info somewhere to the right or left? of this post. At least 5 people are going to be receiving packages full of goodies. Keep ’em rolling in citizens. You have until the end of the month. This is a small sample of the lunacy.

EDIT: John Lee’s new Jump Off:

TT: 1 1/8 .035 (Sword tubing)

DT: 1 1/4 Double Butted Supertherm (Ivy TT)

SS: 5/8 .035

CS: 3/4 .049

Exodus drops, top was cut to match the line of the stays.

Seat tube, chopped w/ “Stove Pipe” BB junction.

Wishbone 1 3/8 ovalized.

I didn't notice until now FBM isn't incorporated at all. Believe it or not, this is our lone female artist's entry so far. This was included in a package from a couple of Slovakian teenagers, this was the least tweaked out. Sigh, Stove Pipe. Wedge ready. Clean lines. The full view.

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