Polaroid is the New Digital

Old School Modern, Polaroids are the next big thing in BMX. Inexpensive, super high Quality, precise. Jammer doing a seat grabber in the pics. Rich Hoppie from Fort Wayne Indiana Sent over som epics of Reggie Styles, and an update. Reggie is now Coaching BMX hopefuls at a Woodward style camp in Goshen Indiana, based on teaching kids how to ride brakeless. Whitesnake is not an instructor, but Taco Bell Tony is in the administrative department, and James Sinclair is the sole proprieter. Clint Reynolds, of Credence Bikes sent over some pics of his new Veggie Rig. Check the Credence site for updates. That crew is constantly up for adventure, and Clint is the King of Modifying. 4 Down is giving away my old bike, on their site, if you are in the UK, you can try an dwin by answering some trivia. Word up. Paul Green art. Paul is one of the OG S&M guys, and sent over a pic of some of his art. Dialed. More News Soon…

Originally Posted by Steve crandall

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