Pix From Tx….

The Time spent last week in Austin, was insane. A lot of it was spent at the T1 complex, for riding, and music. Sandy Carson and Chris Hallman probably have some pics posted from the week, Sandy organized the rock show, and wore an Adam Roye WIg.
Tony Cardona is staying in Austin, living with Aaron Ross, and Old Dirty Dev Dog. His riding is unbelievable right now, expect good things with him in that melting pot.Does Miceal Jackson really have a kid names Blanket? Empire is having a video premiere. We drove home from Tx, seeing 5 dead dogs, making a trip total of 8 if I am not mistaken. Jud Ferguson of 7th street tattoo’s in Little Rock Arkansas, helped us brake up the drive, thanks to him for the Work, Jud rules. Tom Blyth has an interview up on The come up site. Pretty Cool, Tom is awesome, we love that little guy. Congrats buddy. More News soon…

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