Picnic at the Pines

Gilly Smalls over the quads at the world famous Pines trails in Fairport Ny

2B Homecooked held a jam in the Pine wood forest outside of Rochester NY… Pennsylvania Trail gurus, Dave King, Gilly Smalls, Brian Barnhart, Spoof, Matt Treevil, and more joined Chad Stemmler, Vaun Stout, as they cheered on John Lee and many other BMX Dirt Shredders. The trails made famous by the Williams brothers, Dave And Whitey, as well as others from the Pines Crew, dialed in a sweet track and fun was had by all!
The Jam went off with out too many problems, Shout outs top Hal and Steve B. for another great event!

John Lee and Gilly! FBM Legends!


John Lee!

Mike P and Critical Matt!

Mr. B!

Dave King!

Matt Treebo, Catty Local and Axel radster!

Una Gilla Nosedive

Dave Kind and Grady, AKA Sal Paradise!

Aint Shit!