New England, Texas, Virginia, Florida, Puerto Rico, California, and beyond. These are just a few places you can read about, and see photos of on Eric Hennessey’s website- Trails Rule, where he documents his life adventures, and travels, through the not so typical lense of a fun haver.
Trains, planes, buses, bikes, skateboards, couches, motorbikes, automobiles, friends, a back pack and the spirited initiative to get up and go make for a wildly more unique and valuable list of possessions than material objects can provide. Memories are made not purchased. Get out there and live….
Learn something from free spirits like Henny, one thing, is the more you own, the more it owns you.

What does Peregrination mean anyway? to travel or wander around from place to place…

Vagabond Ritual – Trailer from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

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