Penguins and such!

Garrett Guilliams, and Ginch bro.

Garrett G. on the monday update, sans sugar. Mikey Corts has been a busy lil guy, He has Mondo clips in the new Come UP DVD, not only in the Shitluck section, and He even made his own Penguin Custom downtube Gusset on his new bike. I am fairly confident that Mike is the first person EVER to make a penguin shaped gusset for a bicycle. When asked about it, he simply responded- “dude, Penguins are awesome…”.Big Dave has been building Sword Frames like a son of a gun as well.In other news, the floor is soaking wet from an indoor tsumani, a great way to start the week. Global Warming makes its mark. Bon THug Represent!

Mikey Corts and his custom Penguin gusset. Penguins are coming up son! Getting ready for the art show at Roots this year... Fires, Floods, locusts, Indoor rain..... Biggie, making some serious Chain stay Mods. Mikey Corts in the shop. Before the cutouts.... Tired of the same old shit WOW!

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