panda watch…

We are in Chicago for Shawns wedding, and then Westmont for an Evrid Comp by Huy Doan. Hopefully Dane Wild shows up. After Rehersal last night, we ended up at the wierdest bowling alley in Illinois, and Dave bowled an 83, while crazy women danced in sync, and a real shotty cover band played Kenny Loggins and Loverboy. Later we went to the Hotel, and Bugsy snored so loud I almost shit the bed. Heres a pic of Chenga Local Jordan Stewart on an OxBlood Red Autopilot Prototype. The Production Models will have .049 wall chainstays. Jordan was killing the park on the Autopilot, so its must work well, plus he is a Huge Beast when he rides. The Corts Brothers are out of control. I got to see the Team Major Air book at thier parents house. Good Stuff.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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