Pair of Dimes

Short Back end, steep head tube angle, monostay…

New Frames in progress at FBM- The PARADIGM!

Paradigm– a typical example or pattern of something; a model, in this case a new, ultra responsive frame from your friends at FBM!

We decided to switch things up on this new build, in which Eric Holladay and Kaleb Bolton have been testing prototypes for this new aggressive street frame with outstanding results!


Head Tube Angle: 75.5 degrees
Head Tube Height: 127mm (5”)
Bottom Bracket Height: 11.7”
Seat Tube Angle: 71 degrees
Standover Height: 9”
Rear End Length: 12.625” (slammed)

No Brakes
Fits 2.5” Tire
Clearance for 28t sprocket

Top Tube Lengths: 20.5”, 20.75”, 21”, 21.25”

Colors: Blue Vein, Trans Black, Trans Copper

Built in the FBM Machine Shop!