Owen Loves his Momma!

Our Beloved Texas bicycle peddlers, Tom And Tina Williams of Empire BMX had a baby boy named Owen, so on behalf of all the dudes at FBM, CONGRATS! Rumor has it that they took Tony Cardona’s suggestion, and named the boy after Danny Devito’s character in “throw momma from the train”. Not sure if that is true or not though. In other news, Phil Wasson has been hanging out with the drummer from blink 182, and shooting pool while trying to decompress from the sensory overload at the Dew Tours. Leland Thurman is stoked on mustaches, and supposedly called the cops on one of his team riders for trying to go over Niagra Falls in a barrel. Cameron Wood Update- He is now in the Old Folks home Business, getting some beds ready for Fuzzy Hall, Dennis McCoy, and Mike Tag.

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