Over the Line…

Derek Girard is Probably in his 65 chevelle right about now, leaving Maine, to get on a plane to England, for The Back Yard Jam in Brighton this weekend. Tony Hamlin will be on the trip, and surely wilin’ out with the Shitluck crew who will also be present. I am currently in the Hudson Valley part of New York, just blocks away from East Coast Underground Legen Dave Muggleston. I am working with Rob and Andy (pictured riding last night), on some new softgoods for FBM at their Screenprinting shop, American Icon. Andy joins the old man BMXer society, by turning 31 today, happy B-day. Thats a shit load of old dudes this month. In other news, Peep to the online store for those Curtis Shirts which are now available. Curtis is an Animal. Literally. Don’t get me started about the time he killed the cat by the loading dock. At any rate, it’s tuesday, not much going on right this second. Heck yeah news….

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