On the road…

Tom Blyth- Knox- Villian 1 footer

Since Tom Arrived in America its been a full go, on the road, with many miles traveled..
The FBM Van-dal clocked in about 1500 miles spanning half way across the states visiting wonderful places like a parking lot near Memphis, a taco joint in Arkansas, and a place that sells fried avacados named Torchies. Along the way, Tom on his first trek into the heartland of America, got to meet some of the gang in Knoxville Tenessee, witnessed some wildly political/religious billboards, several sweet chihuahuas, and even met The Empire BMX Twitter Champions.
Keep posted this week for some more pics… and Good times!
The Dixie man, Stephen Horrocks

Tim, Knox local, via parts unknown...

The Boss, Aaron Ross and the Blyth

Tina and Tom Williams of Empire BMX, they help make BMX awesome!