Notes from the swamp

I spent the past weekend at a jam in a town called AssTarantula Florida, where riders from many generations convened on sacred ground for the absurd, malcontent, outrageous, drunk, disheveled, and deranged. It was called Swampfest, and I wandered from spot to spot amidst this fiasco, meeting new friends, seeing lifelong friends, yesterday’s heroes, tomorrows superstars, their kids, their parents, and whatever weird buddy that was with them that tagged along for the ride.

Trey Jones and his friends hustled to make something to share with the BMX world, a reprieve from winter and the more serious aspects of riding. I saw X-Games medalists side by side with riders I had met a couple weeks before at Van And Kachinski’s Uncovered Am series, as well as Company owners, employees, sponsored riders and up and comers all working on the jumps, handing their friends a beer, and taking runs together. There were riders from all walks of life, from west coast, midwest, east coast, overseas maybe even outerspace, riders of every different race, religion, class, gender, some might have even been another species. They all had bikes, and they were all smiling. I thought that was pretty cool.

I know that talking shit and busting chops is as much a part of BMX as anything, but maybe busting your ass and making cool shit to share with everyone, is a little more important than slinging shit from from a thinly veiled meme account just because you are bored and want a reaction. If you are bored, build some fun, throw a jam, anything, just do something.

Shout out to Trey and everyone that made people laugh this weekend, I had a blast, THANKS!- Steve

Photos by Todd Nichols!

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