No News Is Good News

When the boss is away the FBM staff will play. With Steve on the road with Mega Tour the machine shop has let loose and is cranking out Autopilot and Deployer frames and CB4K’S while cranking up the stereo with a W.A.S.P. 68 song marathon.

Stryper paid us a visit this week and dropped of hub guards. He is so stoked on the new colors he decided to take us all out to Hooter’s for lunch. The hub guards are available in Black, Gold, Silver and Red. After some intensive R&D we found out the red hub guard will make you grind faster then a W.A.S.P. guitar solo and protect your hub. Who would of thought?

Steve called in to give us a quick Mega Tour update. The crew is in Bakerfield, CA and meet up with Quincy from Snyder Cyclery. Quincy was nice enough to let everyone come to his town and blow up his spot. If you live in the area stop in and Holla at Quincy. While in Bakersfield Ian Morris (Federal) and Crandall did an over 30 rail hop train. And when I say over 30 I do not mean the gap or amount of stairs.

The Shitluck crew is on the trip and well… It is the Shitluck crew, who knows what shady things are going down. After Bakersfield the crew headed to Delano Skate Park where Anthony and his buddy from Potterville were shredding. Rumor has it this park is the jump off. If you are on a road trip you may want to make this a stop on your trip.

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