New Softgoods, BIgshots, etc…

Here are some pics of some of the new longsleeves, one of the Hoody’s, and a Track jacket. Nice estuff, to help you keep warm when the weather starts getting shittier. The weather in upstate NY has been terrible this year, and the colder and rainier it gets, the more you wish you the Little Devil Bowl at your disposal. Any how, it was about this tim eof the year, maybe 13 years ago, when I first met Dave Mirra, he was at a bar in Ithaca, which is almost across the street from where I currently live. I know it was cold, because the only reason he stood out from the rest of the people catching White Zombie play at this dive, was a 2b patch on the flannel he was wearing. Nevermind the fact that we were at a White Zombie show,(it was before they were even on MTV) but it was cool to meet another rider in those days, and it turned out, it was Dave Mirra. Since then we have been friends, and when He was starting Mirraco he asked to ride one of our frames while it got up and running. Stoked. Now that He has his own gig, he still runs some of our parts (crown royal, sprocket), so I just wanted to give a shoutout to Dave, and congrats to Him and His wife on thier newborn Baby Girl, Madison. I stole the pics of his site, as well as the one Scott Towne, off the Deliverance site. Scott is a Soul Rider, a term from back in the day, used to describe people who rode simply because they loved it, no drama , or any of that superficial nonsense, just pure BMX (dave just happens to be one of the biggest stars in bmx). 2 soul riders, one update. WORD!

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