Mulligan Stew

That's Ride editor Keith Mulligan on the right mirroring

Ride editor Keith Mulligan stopped by FBM a couple weeks back to do some investigative reporting for an upcoming article about the dying art of U.S. BMX manufacturing. While he was here he sat down with Big Dave and dreamt up his ultimate frame. Chris Moeller helped him research and write the article so it should be entertaining and informative. Is dreamt a word?

Keith’s frame used a lot of small O.D. tubing and came in at a scant 4lbs. 2oz. before powder coat. Believe it or not powder coating adds about 3-5oz. of weight. He’s a relatively light and small guy himself so the frame will be spot on for him.

Waiting to be tacked. Film strip top tube gusset for the photo pro Mr. Mulligan The finished product. (Sort of, the top tube gusset isn't on yet.) Progress on the Freimuth replica. Those ain't an easy bends to make without tooling. I can't wait for kids to see this and ask us to make a custom

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