More joint Updates…

Fuzzy, aka Tim Hall, Aka “the dude is a serious legend”,sent over this pic of Cameron Wood, and I have no real idea what he is doing in that position. Its awesome though. Cameron and Tony’s “joint” signature frame is out now, click Here to see close ups, and get all the specs. Tapered Backend, removeable gyro tabs, pretty colors, its all there. You can see in the photo of Chunk that there are some Transluscent red Joint Frames available as well, Contact Matt Coplon at Profile about getting your hands on a limited edition Tony Cardona Red frame, with a profile promo package. Leland at Shitluck also threw in a bunch of goodies, including DVD’s, and custom Cameron Wood Shitluck Sticker, for the first round of frames as well. I Went into the Machine Shop after these bikes were made, and there was a gas mask, and some really loud Aerosmith playing, with Mike Corts, and Dylan Cole making Primate Noises, I looked at John Corts, and Asked what was going on, and he simply replied- “I think Something is wrong with them..” Tony Cardona pic from DevDawg’s site once again…. Now Playing- Fugazi- “sweet and Low”

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