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Some more “art” and whatnot out of the archives, The riding pic is none other than the amazingly handsome Steve Crandall shot by Wolrd Famous professional Snowboard talent Andy Forgash. There some cool and funny images in the history of FBM, It’s cool to see some of the old stuff from over the years. Anyhow, Road Fools 14 is out, Aaron Ross is in there killing it. Marco (RF Driver) had a kid the other day, a baby boy. Congrats. The stork flew over MIchigan on the way, and dropped off kids with Flip from ALbes, and Scott Towne as well, Congrrats fellas as well. The shitluck tour should be over by now, with more stories to roll out of that than you can shake a stick at, FBM riders and affiliates, Billy Ashby, Cameron wood, Mike Tag, Tony Hamlin, Bugsy, Steww “foodboy” Johnson and Derrick Girard were all causing Mayhem throughought the upper midwest last week, going all the way out to Minneapolis, amongst spots. Look for that in he next issue of Props. is that it?

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