Monday Finds….

Nate Richter BOOST!

Jed Rogers sent ver this amazing hip boost, he shot of Nate Richter. Nate is one of the newest FBM Flowbies, outta AbertsTurkey New Mexico.THanks for the pic Jed. The second pic, I found on the way to lunch today on Main Street Johnson City. You should see what John Paul found on the way back, it was purple and shiny, and created quite an uproar upon its discovery. It was not an anodized Protect Ya Neck, that is certain. Some Flyers for more going on this month, THe Source in Btown is having a get together, and there is a graphic of a headless horseman with a bike body. Weird. Another Flyer, for the Give D bike party out west…

Look at the guy on the horse. Give D Random Mickey pic.

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