Minersville R.I.P

This has been a terrible year in the northeast for trails. First our local spot gets washed away, then it rains every three days not letting anyway dry out enough and now we just got news that Minersville Trails has been plowed. Minersville was my favorite place to ride. The locals always were inviting, the trails were always dialed, and when ever you went there was always new lines popping up everywhere. A lot of hard work and dedication went into those traisl. I am greatful for all the good times and friends made there. The pic is me riding the valley hip. I had so much fun riding that day, i remember laughing so hard that i had to pull off on Thunder because it was so awesome. In happier news Tony Hamlin, Crandall, and Capt. Fun are on there were to Chicago to meet up with Tony Cardona. Then off to the Backyard build off. Mike Corts is in Utah meeting up with the Shitluck team and then they make there way to Vegas. It is also time for Shop Shout Outs. Thank you To John and the guys a CK Cycles in Albany New York for helping Johnny Corts out with some bike repair while street riding. If you are from or in Albany area make sure to Check out CK Cycles and Capital Board and Bike in Guilderland. They are both kick ass shops with kick ass dudes.

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