Mike Tag, the Enforcer!

In case you forgot what a beast looks like- Mike Tag, 2 pegging it!

Here are some random pics of some of us at FBM, and some of the new coozies.
Fisher is in the house today, with green nike dunks, and all kinds of flair, he looks outrageous sometimes, but his actions speak pretty loud when he gets on that bike. No shit. I found this Tag pic in the Archives from a trip to Chicago a while back. Mike can beastman some handrails, he has pulled some moves, does anyone remember that 30 stair backwards curved cement ledge in the beginning of the Half and Half DVD? APE. anyrate, its TGIF, have a killer weekend, do fun stuff and send over some pics for thr FBM Owners group, we’ll be giving away a goodie bag at the end of the month to our favorite bike check. Word up!

New Tom Blyth Atilla AD! Fishty Thugs. He'll flip ya for real! Hallman shot this, its one of my favorite pictures ever, Maniac in a spot built that day! Little Rock! Dave King vs Ron Metcalf, Random Mike and some checkered slip ons! Yours truly, Fall colors. Place hand here when drunk, Nacho Beer, and Lee Marvin goodies! have fun every day!

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