Mike Tag- the Enforcer

Mike Tag at some wastelands spot in the UK, shot by Sean Emery!

The past week or so, there have been in creased efforts to support Mike Tag, in an amazing show of BMX awesomeness! The good people from The Albion teamed up with Empire BMX, and raised a ton of cash, and the guys at Quintin Hats kicked ass on raffling the new tag hat, and taking pre orders for that!

On top of al that, i get an email from the one and only Sean Emery, with some old photos he had stumbled across from a UK journey with Mike, and some pics from a photo shoot that landed tag on the cover of Dig Magazine issue 24!
So Stoked, such a badass photo…

Mike Tag is one tuff son of a gun! Thanks for helping a brother out!

Tag at an old backyard jam!

Justin Short, OG FBM on the cover of Dig Issue 3