Mike Tag on BET

Aaron Ross update- HE IS KOOKED. No real news there, but his roommate, and good buddy, Dirty Old Devon Hutchins Is selling Limited Edition Prints, of Aaron, and Chase Hawk, signed, by the afformentioned Texas Wild Ones. Devon is an awesome photographer, who even captured this shot of Tom Williams who is one ofthe masterminds at Empire, and build the heck out of a wheel. Wonder if Tom has paid his dues? his head has more titanium in it, than half the kids bikes at the Incline Club. Bob at Staff has those kids whipped into shape down there, rumor has it, by 15 years old, the average local can already fufanu to front flip off a sub rail, on purpose. Not like the old days. Toby Forte, is down under in Australia, he sent some pics up of him riding another amazing spot, while he is down there in warmth, jamie Moore of Stowaway is up in the northeast, freezing his bollocks loose. In unrelated News, Tv Celebrity,former Gold Medalist, and bmx bad boy, Allan Cooke, called this morning from Atlanta, where after a strange run of events, he ended up filming a spot for BET, in some crazy studio, and they wanted to play a bmx video in the background while he spoke, the only one he had was Our own Half And Half dvd, so he used that. Expect to see Mike Tag to a backwards 50-50 on a huge curved cement ledge while Allan speaks on BET. STUNNED! More news soon.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall