Mike Corts set to win the next Mega Tour!

Mikey Corts, training for the mega tour.

MIkey Corts, of Team Major Air fame, is set to jump on board with Todd Johnson, and the QBP brigade, for the next mega tour. If you see mike on the trip, give him a hug, he’s very affectionate! Joey J. from Fla. turned 22 last week, and mike cottle of OBMX made him drink 22 pints of beer, causing him to puke all over the floor. Sweet. Nasty Nate was not available for comment. Kelly Baker spent the holiday weekend partying with Scott Towne of Deliverance fame. Kelly Came home stunned, with stories of Michigan Cacti, long drives with 3 kids, and how many toys Scott has.In international news, Kie Ashworth is slated to party in the United States for his first American Visit, and the Big Job gets his first FBM Kicked out of Canada shout out…Sent in from CHOPS himself at the border. Now Playing- Marginal Man.

The phantom is no stranger to KBs world Joey J. from FLA. had a bday last week... HAPPY HAPPY florida... Scott towne projecting... Nasty Nate Rickyterd Nate again Joey J. in FLA Kie AShowrth Rebel Yell ad.... Big Job ad....

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