Mickey gets awesome, FBM gets a new shirt in stock

MIckey Marshal is up there!

While Lurking around FBM, Mickey saw the DOT guys dump a load of dirt near a wall, so he grabbed a shovel and packed a lip… and proceeded to pull a sweet alley-oop wallride, while workers gathered to cheer him on, and a guy drinking a 40 of old gold crept up from the tracks and called him crazy. It was awesome! We also got some sweet new shirts in from the guys at American Icon, this one features art by Guav, which is also on one of the completes, SICK!. Mikey Corts Models it while John Lee stacks em and racks em. John Lee is still the king of the nice guys. Cheers to him for being a great person. Happy Friday everyone.

He climbed up from the tracks to watch... These guys dumped the dirt at the wall for DOT, watched mickey build the lip, and got STOKED! Mikey! New FBM SHIRT! BOO YES! This guy will listen to fear factory. No shit.

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