Media Section Upload…

Another Pic of cameron wood, From Chuck in SLC. You can see more Cam, and the rest of the FM crew in the new Media Section that has, commercials, video promo’s, and print ads. It will be updated randomly. Also new from FBM, is the “ESTD” Internet Shittalking device. Even if you have nothing bad to say about anyone, or any BMX brands, just hook this handy little device up to your Desktop or Laptop, and type anything, and voila, instant trash talking. Its simple and lightweight, (lighter than an elementry stem) and its way easier than doing anything to change what you might want to complain about. If you are sick of someone doing Indian givers in a video part, or what color the next round of bike parts are going to be from your least favorite bike company, just plug in and type away.
Here are a couple pics of Toast At the Ithaca skatepark, which had more ducks than riders at it yesterday. They were chilling in the puddles that never drain at the park.

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