There are times when you sit back and reflect what BMX and try to define it.  And as much as people try to put BMX in a box its rebellious nature and spirit will always take a twist and turn that you may not expect.  FBM likes to celebrate the diversity that makes up BMX, and it is that diversity which makes up FBM. The feedback and interaction with the BMX community inspires us to go out and ride and appreciate the experiences we are fortunate to have.  It’s people like Lynne who sent us this message that keep on inspiring us.


A healthy fear of old age and a pile of cash for my 54th birthday (yeah, you read that right ) has me a new ride in the form of a V2 Guillotine complete (pretty damn perfect for me at 5’2″ with its 20″ TT and 165 cranks).  Added a couple of bits with a nod towards my favourite era, the early 2ks (Shadow Mean post, FBM 39T sprocket, Wellgo DX copies and my old UGP TT pad – just about the only thing I hadn’t managed to sell from bitd) and I love it!!!
. . . damn it feels good to be back on a 20″er

Cheers . . . and Happy New Year!!!
Lynne (mamadirt)


Bmx is different things to different people, Bmx is what you make it so make it a good one

Lynne's Guillotine V2