Lucero on the next Rock tour?

Rumor Has it the the next Props Rock Tour will feature Lucero. I found this pic from when they played at the Half and Half premiere wi did at East Coast Terminal a couple years ago. Thats was one wild night. So fun. If you go to the props site you can also check out a trailer for the Rock tour that just went down, where Scotty Cranmer did a diving board style front flip on a bicycle. Cruz, the most professional man in upstate NY, was at a bar called Beer Belly’s in Owego, and was surprised to find that Dipset was there, on a whim, while driving past the small town on Rt. 17. Chunk was sstoked. Dane Wild would have been there, but was nursing a black eye, after Flip From Albes got mad and winged a frozen pizza at him. Don’t mess with Flip, he’ll freak. I just finished my most involved and in depth, detailed and time consoming piece of art to date, titled – “Born To Fish”. Let me know what you think, I am hoping to submit it to the MOMA tour.

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