Local Shops…

Henny Oogling at the bikes at daily Grind BMX and Skate!

I have said it before, and i’ll say it again, local Bike Shops are the lifeblood of the BMX scene. Even the biggest BMX mailorders have a shop that locals can learn about and sustain their love of something so simple, fun, yet engulfing for so many…Riding Bikes, and getting awesome!
Its super cool to see a dialed spot, with character, and personality, that has actual physical inventory kid scan hold, and see firsthand. The dedication of independent shop owners, and their commitment to their community, is something to behold. Its great how a person or a group of riders can foster a radical scene, and be so supportive, all the way from the local groms, up and coming shredders, and even of the companies they believe in!
I was lucky enough to hit a few shops this week, including Daily Grind in Danielson Ct. as well as a local skateshop, Ideal, in
Norwich Ct. that houses a small indy brand called Worship. Both Shop had OG shop owners that support the local scene, by providing a spot to hangout, watch videos, check out new goods, rally fundraisers for places to skate and ride, as well as set a positive example for the kids..
Thanks Chuck and Jeff, for keeping things awesome! Good seeing you guys!

Chuck from the Daily Grind!

Bike Shops look cool!

Free High Fives at Daily Grind!

For the kids...


Quite possibly the first and only ever photo of henny doing a turndown?

Eff ya!

High Ten, and not the steel...

Henny and Jeff at Ideal Skateshop/worship skateboards!


Art!- worship skates...