Live to Ride….

Opie. lofting a sweet 180. in Troy, Pic by Sweet Baby!

This picture tells a pretty cool story. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, and everyone that looks at it, probably sees an entirely different story, entirely different words. The rider, is a Cleveland native, and current Binghamton Ny resident, and his name is Opie. What you can’t see in this pic, are some of the true essences of BMX, travel, adventure, friendship, and dedication. Opie rides as hard and as well as any top rider, or web edit bandido, and without some of the obvious glory some might strive for. Just a dude, living it… What I see in this pic, is a regular dude, stoked on bikes, traveling around, riding for the smiles. What’s Unique, is that He’s riding a bike made by some of his good Bud’s, he grew up with in the Cleveland area, the Corts’ bros., and another friend of his, Sweet Baby Bryan Tarbell, shot the pic. In addition, they are on a trip to BKFBM’s for a weekend of riding, in a pool, he emptied in 4 hours so he and his buds could have a good time… All of these efforts by all the above mentioned, can seem like thankless tasks, by riders simply committed to the lifestyle. I just want to say thanks to all the working class BMX heroes, who make it happen, and aren’t putting in work for the glitter, just for the good times and personal satisfaction!
Here’s to you guys- You all know who you are… Cheers… The Other thing you Can’t see is the sweet DEVO sticker he’s rocking on the frame!

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