Listen to Swiz!

Leif valin has a blog on his rider page, that will be updated Randomly. Some of the Other Riders will also have them soon. Staff and Rider pages are starting to get updated, so browse around for some new pics and whatnot. Tom At Empire lace up a new set of wheels, with some Rims from Nuno at Odyssey, and some Hubs from Matt Coplon at Profile. Thanks Guys. I built up a new bike, Dave welded up a master piece, andit might be the best bike I have ever had. I am stoked. Corey Martinez is Unofficially sponsored by FBM for Hubguards. He gets no salary. Credence Bikes close up shots, courtesy of Ken. Word. Woody guthrie stickers are kick ass. Toby Forte knocked himself batshit. He is in the hospital, wearing a built in eye patch. Best wishes from all of us at FBM. Toby is part of the FBM UK team, run through 4 Down, which has moved and has a new warehouse, for its new address. Congrats Ian…
More news later.- Now Playing Swiz- “sunstroke”

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