Limited Edition

If you are a fan of FBM frames, Phil Wasson, or awesomeness in general, then check out the Limited Edition PW Moto engraved headtubes, done by Phil Himself, at Super Rat Machine, his machine shop. Phil Also Dialed in the Protect Ya neck’s, heres a rerun of his [iv from THad Allender’s site. Aaron Ross is killing it in Tx, and his Frames are in stock at FBM, Dev Dog says buy a frame, so Aaron will take him out to eat at the Sno Cone shop around the corner. Call Up John Lee, at Last Call for Info on Bikes, Parts, Mint Ting A lings, House Party 1, 2, or 3, monkey bars, VW bugs, or life in General, Tell him to say whats up to Chunk while you are on the phone too….

Originally Posted by Steve crandall